Test Benches for Railway Electrical Equipment

• Auxiliary and Traction Converter Test Benches
• Complete test rooms for static converters of rolling stock
• For testing traction converters, auxiliary services and their modules and components
• Test can be performed under full load or at reduced power

• Dielectric Strength Tester
• For dielectric strength tests both on individual components and on the complete train
• The range of products is 5KV, 7.5KV, 15KV, 60KV & 100KV with 1KW to 100KW power
• Possibility of command, control and registering the tests thanks to the industrial touch screens

• High Speed Circuit Breaker Tester
• Power supply units up to 10000A for the calibration of the circuit breaker
• The waveform can be programmed in current mode to verify the tripping of the switch in various test conditions
• Registering and archiving the test results via an industrial touch screens

• Generator Load Test Benches
• Testing the output power of generators
• Without being disassembled from the locomotive

• Electric Motor Test Benches
• Testing the DC Traction Motors with direct coupling
• Testing the AC Traction Motors with simulation
• Testing of traction engines with outputs up to 2MW and auxiliary motors
• Produced based on default models or client requirements
• Fully test a Traction Motor simulated on a full-load condition to determine its operational reliability
• Saving a lot of unnecessary downtime and resource during actual trial run
• Using of modern microprocessor-based controllers with full data monitoring and collection
• Simultaneous testing of several traction motors to save time

• Pantograph Test Benches
• Automatic measurement of force applied by the pantograph on the catenary and its stroke

• 3RD Rail Measurement System
• A compact vehicle-mounted equipment
• Automatic measuring the alignment and distance of the electric power rails
• Testing with respect to their original installed position or the running rails
• The images captured are digitally stored for further processing
• Possibility to eliminate the manual inspection and mistakes in inspection

• Rail Profile and Track Geometry Measurement System
• Measuring the Track Geometry during running
• All measuring instruments mounted on the vehicle bogie
• Videos and printers installed inside the vehicle to display and print the data
• This device has optical rail profile measurement system

• Automatic Switch Inspection & Measurement System
• A compact vehicle-mounted equipment
• All the track switches be automatically captured with multiple high speed cameras located under the vehicle
• The extremely high quality images produced are digitally stored and analyzed via an intelligent software
• Long service downtime and personnel hazard would be eliminated
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