Other Testing and Measuring Equipment

• Shock Absorber Test Bench
• Tension and compression tests for springs, tubes and gas-oil or compression shock absorber, and vertical/horizontal Shock absorber
• Manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic testing
• Providing a variety of devices in demand, with a capacity of 5 to 60 tons
• Possibility to test the railway springs, bogies shock absorber and chassis
• Measurement of lateral strength and lateral strength
• Automatic test of vertical load and lateral slip

• Manual or fully automatic testing of various types of compressors
• Measuring the performance accuracy after overhaul or servicing
• Testing inside a soundproof cabin
• Special trolleys are supplied with the bench, suitable for the transport and support of compressors inside the test cabin

• Air Receivers Test Stand
• To test the pressure and leakage withstands
• Using hydro-static medium as a safety precaution

• Injection Pumps Test Stand
• Testing the locomotive engine fuel injection pumps' operation
• It automatically uses AC inverter drives and microprocessor-based monitoring, control and recording
• Measuring the oil spray frequency, temperature and pressure

• Reduction Gear Test Benches
• With two configurations: testing under no load or in load conditions
• Normally used for operational testing of the room (with or without bushes), predictive maintenance or for after maintenance testing
• Using a system of external sensors or acquiring signals from internal sensors
• Testing of rotation speed, temperature, vibrations, noise and electrical values on the motors

• Automatic & Semi-Automatic Coupler Test Stand
• Can provide actual load for the testing of each type of coupler
• Including test of coupling & de-coupling operation, air leakage test, electrical continuity
• Full load pulling withstand test

• Governor Test Stand
• Operational testing of a specific type of Engine Governor
• Details of the Engine Governor and its testing parameters must be provided to design this equipment

• SpeedoMeter / Over Speed Test System
• Can be designed as an integrated or separate test system
• Testing and calibration of Train SpeedoMeter System or Over Speed Trip Device

• Bogie Test Stand
• With two electric or hydraulic pressers and optional chasse test device
• Bogies geometric data can be measured manually or automatically by sensors and measuring cameras
• Possibility of inserting load cells to check the force on the wheel axles and of inserting a third horizontal piston to check also the front or lateral thrusts
• Possibility of performing also fatigue tests with the hydraulic system
• Possibility of performing tests on railway springs, using a suitable support
• Measuring the height of the bogie
• With auxiliary rails to move the bogie to the press position

• Dynamic Test Benches for Motor and Trailer Bogies
• Do dynamic tests on railway and metro bogies with 2 or 3 axles
• Normally used for operational testing of bogies, predictive maintenance or for the after maintenance testing
• Measuring of rotation speed, temperature, vibrations, noise and electrical valves on the motors
• Testing the brake system of the bogie

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