Autopromotec: in May the heart of the automotive industry beats in Bologna-5/19/2019

Autopromotec, the international automotive equipment and aftermarket trade show held every two years in the heart of "Motor Valley" and that has always promoted the automotive after-sales sector worldwide, this year offers an interesting new development celebrating the connection between companies in the aftermarket sector and the motor racing segment. For the 2019 edition scheduled to be held in Bologna on 22-26 May, Autopromotec will inaugurate Autopromotec Motorsport, the initiative sponsored by ACI Sport and the Motorsport section of ANFIA (National Association of the Automotive Industry Supply Chain) dedicated to companies that have written the history of motor racing thanks to innovation and a strong passion.

The strong bond between Autopromotec exhibitors and the world of racing has always been clear: most of the companies participating in the event are at the forefront in this sector as well, providing competitions with a decisive contribution in the form of high quality components, instruments, equipment and services. At Autopromotec 2019, the "Autopromotec Motorsport" initiative will transport visitors into a world of innovation, following a dedicated pathway through the trade show's pavilions where it will be possible to see and touch products that contain the same technology used in races. Here, all exhibitors with a direct link to the racing world will be identifiable thanks to the initiative's special symbol: a chequered flag with the Autopromotec Motorsport logo in the centre. The visit is also supported by a special guide made available to professional operators during the days of the trade show that lists all the companies in the sector participating at the fair.

To spotlight the companies involved in the initiative, Autopromotec Motorsport will also have its own booth dedicated entirely to racing in Hall 31 Bis, near the Quadriportico of the exhibition centre. There it will be possible to experience the aura of competitions, walking through pit lanes equipped to recreate the paddocks of motor racing, being able to admire a selection of excellent products from the world of motorsport and learning about the services offered by the main trade associations and institutions, not to mention schools, universities and other educational institutions.

As part of AutopromotecEDU, the "Autopromotec Motorsport" initiative will also present a series of specific conferences on the topics that the motor racing sector has in common with the after-sales sector, like the constant pursuit of safety, reliability and performance: "Motorsport as a research opportunity for product innovation" (22 May, Link Room, 2.30 - 4.30 pm) and "Those who compete in the world of Motorsport win with highly qualified and specialised human resources" (24 May, Link Room, 10 am - 1.00 pm). These conferences represent true opportunities for bringing together companies, operators, institutions and students to further cultivate the growth of a sector of great prestige and economic value.
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