General Lifting Equipment

Telescopic and Hydro-pneumatic  Lifting & Jacks
• With different height and capacity from 10 to 150 tons
• Hard chromium plated piston rod for long time
• Built-in safety overload valve
• Hand-operated dead-man's control for optimum safety
• Suitable for depots and wagons to emergency and safety cases

Hydraulic Bottle Lifting &  Jack
• Produced for different capacities from 2 to 30 tons
• With extension screw for optimum use of the stroke
• 3 part galvanized pump handle for easy storage
• Can be used in horizontal position
• Fitted with practical carrying handle for easy transport
• Built-in safety overload valve
• Suitable for depots and wagons to emergency and safety cases

Supporting Stands
• To wheelset axle maintaining
• Can be in mobile type and adjustable in several heights
• With different capacities

• Manufacturing in standard models and based on the client request
• Bridge Cranes
• Can be used as complement part of wheelset press
• Transporting the wheelset shafts and wheels and brake discs to the pre-assembly stand via three individually or synchronously controllable hoists
• Complete wheelsets can be picked up and deposited loading presses

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